The story of the white lighter curse

 For smokers some things tend to have special value to them. One of these things is their lighter. Some smokers are very superstitious about their lighters and hence the white lighter curse. Some people think that the white curse is the explanation for the death of some famous singers. However history shows us differently. That’s mainly the reason some smokers avoid white BIC lighters only because of the white lighter curse. I’ll try to explain the legend behind the white lighter curse and show you how it came to exist along with the hard evidence we have about it.

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   The white lighter curse

     The whole legend of the white lighter curse is based off a story relating four musicians from the 20th century. According to the legend Jim Morison, Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin all had a white lighter when they passed away. The white lighter curse supposedly states that having a white lighter is a bad luck charm. Some people who support the white lighter curse state that the actual lighter all of these musicians had was a BIC brand lighter. However history doesn’t agree with this fact. Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix died in 1970. Jim Morison died in 1971. Kurt Cobain died in late 1994. However the BIC brand of lighters didn’t exist until 1973. This means that even if the white lighter curse is true, the type of lighter these musicians had isn’t BIC.

                However as many people smoking marihuana think that a problem with the stash or even breaking a bong bad luck, the white curse is greatly accepted by them. Some people are so convinced that the white lighter curse is real they avoid buying white lighters or even being in the same room as a white lighter. Back in the 70s all lighters were colored with a plain color. Because of this people started believing different colors have different meaning and impact on their lives. With the few facts from the musicians of that time, the white lighter curse was formed and white became the color of death.

        Strangely enough, it seems that only people smoking marihuana tend to believe in the white lighter curse. There is some connection with the state of mind connected with smoking marihuana that makes these people superstitious. Apart from the white lighter curse there are many more superstitions marihuana smokers believe in. Some of those are that if they break their smoking equipment of even have problems with their hidden stash that they are headed for trouble. From my experience as a smoker, this habit decreases the self esteem. People who can’t quit smoking feel powerless. In this state of mind, it’s natural for someone to believe in the white lighter curse. In case you have any doubts you can search about the white lighter curse online and see if there’s something you should really be worried about. But from my research and experience, you would be better off focusing on something else rather than the white lighter curse.

 The story of the white lighter curse

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