The Ronson lighters

It’s almost impossible for anyone not to know about Ronson lighters. They got their name from the company which first manufactured them – Ronson. They are most famous for the fact that they were the first lighters ever to be designed. It’s safe to say that Ronson started the whole lighters industry. The initial designs of Ronson lighters were quite primitive. However with some small alterations, those designs are still being used today. Apart from being functional, the production of Ronson lighters is quite cheap, so these lighters are quite cheap to buy. This is one of the main reason the world still uses them to this day.

Ronson Lighter 150x150 The Ronson lighters

Ronson lighters : the first automatic lighter in the world

This company wasn’t initially intended to produce Ronson lighters. However, in 1913 their patent was approved and they started working on their first design. The first of the Ronson lighters big hit was the very first automatic lighter called Banjo. The key features this lighter offered were ignition and extinguishment both with a single push of a button.  This was the first automatic lighter introduced to the world. The design of these Ronson lighters is being used even today, and the inner mechanics are only slightly modified. Over the years Ronson lighters were produced on and off depending on the period, but they always stayed on top. During the World War II, Ronson stopped manufacturing lighters for a while and went back to their old purpose – creating ammunition for the United States army. During this time Zippo lighters were still available in the US for consumers.

The expansion

After the war ended, apart from manufacturing Ronson lighters, this company branched out into other areas such as home appliances (electrical shavers) and cooking appliances.

 Ronson lighters are unbreakable

Over the years Ronson lighters have been the standard for the everyday lighter. Because their inner workings are so simple, there is nothing that could break. Even if a lighter doesn’t work, they are very cheap to manufacture, and consequentially cheap for the end consumer so money has never been the problem for the public.

 Ronson lighters structure

Ronson lighters work by utilizing a flint, pressurized gas in a gas container and a small button controlled system to control how much gas gets released. When the circle is spun on the top, it rubs the flint with metal, creating sparks. While doing so the finger slips to the button that releases a certain amount of gas. The sparks from the flint light up the gas thus producing flames. This is known as butane lighter. This schematic has been around for a very long time. In fact the first Ronson lighters used the exact same one, which has worked so great that it’s being used to this day. There is nothing that could break because the process is too simple.


Over time a lot of other companies have emerged in the lighter industry. Many have tried to get close to Ronson, and some have even succeeded. However, the Ronson lighters represent the start of this whole industry, and that’s what they are remembered for.

 The Ronson lighters

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