The quality of ronson lighter fluid

Among the other lighter fluids one of the most famous is the ronson lighter fluid. There have been a lot of debates about which one is better – the ronson lighter fluid or the zippo one. However there are a few facts which made the answer to this question irrelevant. The ronson lighter fluid is mostly used to refill ronson lighters, but can be used to refill basically any lighter using this type of fuel. There are a lot of people using ronson lighter fluid to refill their Zippo or Star lighters.

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Zippo took over Ronson

After so much time of rivalry, and the question about the ronson lighter fluid, history has changed when the Zippo Company bought Ronson along with all their assets, projects and other types of products. However,  contrary to what many people might think, the ronson lighter fluid resumed being sold under the Ronson name even though Zippo is manufacturing. But why would this make the question above irrelevant? The whole battle between Ronson and Zippo was who had the most effective and endurable lighter fluid.

 Zippo lighter fluid is better than Ronson lighter fluid

However, since Zippo owns Ronson now, they have access to all their company secrets meaning that both of these lighter fluids are very similar now. To keep the brand ahead, I would actually guess that now the Zippo lighter fluid is winning over the ronson lighter fluid because the first holds the name of the manufacturer.

The Ronson lighter fluid usage

The ronson lighter fluid has a lot of uses which aren’t known to the public, but are worthy of being known. A lot of people use the ronson lighter fluid solely to start a fire in their barbecue or anything else they want to fire up. The fluid is so effective that it keeps the fire running longer which gives the wood time to catch the fire and start burning even when the fluid expires. Nevertheless, nothing can beat the primary use of the ronson lighter fluid which is filling up lighters for future use.


Because this has been the primary goal for a very long time, they have perfected ronson lighter fluid to the point some might say it’s the best of its kind out there. This is a pretty big accomplishment considering how tough of a competition they had – the Zippo Company. But nevertheless, after so many years of competing against each other, Zippo stopped this game by creating a monopoly in their own field.


Using the ronson lighter fluid is a great way to refill your lighter or basically any other product powered by this fuel. Sometimes you might want to test out different fuels as well but when it comes to flammable fluid the ronson lighter fluid is the best on the market.


It’s advised, for safety purposes to keep the ronson lighter fluid out of direct sunlight, in a cold room. This fluid, if ingested by a person can be deadly. So keeping the ronson lighter fluid out of reach for children should be one of your best practices.

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