The butane lighter fluid

Maybe people using lighters on a daily basis should be familiar with the butane lighter fluid. Butane lighter fluid is the lighter fuel which is used by a lot of lighters these days. Most of the lighters being sold in convenient stores or even super markets are powered by butane. There are a lot of advantages to using butane lighter fluid. Some of the main ones are that it’s stable, it’s highly flammable and it is very cheap. These are the factors required for any lighter fuel. The stability and reliability are the sole factors which determine the quality of a lighter.

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There are two basic types of lighter fuel, butane lighter fluid and Zippo fluid. The first one is used by most lighters in the world. This includes electric charged and flint based lighters. The Zippo fluid is mainly used for Zippo products. There are some differences, but again a lot of different lighters use butane lighter fluid.


A few examples would be the cheap lighters, BIC lighters and some more exclusive as the Bugatti lighter and the Colibri lighter.

 Usage of butane lighter fluid

Cheap lighters are also known as disposable lighters and they use butane lighter fluid as their main fuel. They are produced from cheap materials which makes them easy to be sold cheap. The best practice with these lighters is using them until they run out, and when they do, instead of refilling them with butane lighter fluid, you just dispose of them and buy a new one. Being as cheap as they are, this option is even cheaper than buying a refilling can. The butane lighter fluid is kept safe in a plastic container, which has a mechanism to release small amounts of gas every time the button is pressed. Some of these lighters use a flint, while others use an electric charge to create a spark. No matter what the mechanism is, when the spark is produced, there is some butane gas released immediately to create flames.

 How to refill lighter with the butane lighter fluid

However, the more expensive butane lighters can’t be disposed in this fashion. Some of them have pretty good designs, and all of them are more expensive so the disposal when they run out is out of the question. Instead they can be refilled with butane lighter fluid and be used as long as they function. The butane lighter fluid is filled from the bottom of the lighter, using a butane can. It’s more than enough to press the can 3-4 times, each with duration of 2-3 seconds. This should be more than enough to fill the lighter with butane lighter fluid so you can use it longer. Once you run out, you can always repeat this procedure and you would never need to dispose of your lighter.


The more exclusive lighters such as the Bugatti lighter offer a life time warranty. They are so convinced their lighter will never break that they offer to fix or replace any malfunctioning lighter for free. Your only job is refilling it with butane lighter fluid from time to time and you could get the most of it.

 The butane lighter fluid

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