History of the imco lighter

Many people have heard of the imco lighter manufacturing company. However there are a lot of facts about the imco lighter company that most people don’t know. From the initial start with the production of lighters, the imco lighter company was the second in the world to produce virtually any kind of lighters. The first company was the American company Ronson. IMCO lighter was founded by Julius Meister in 1907. The name stood for “Julius Meister & Co.” and hence IMCO. This company started by producing buttons and hardware. Even though they didn’t start selling their imco lighter yet, they had their hands full during World War I. After the war ended, there was no need for those buttons and hardware which was only produced for the military, so they switched to selling the IMCO lighter.

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Imco lighter technology

The first IMCO lighter was not that different from today’s wick lighter. It was made from the flint on the top, a container with flammable fluid on the bottom, and a wick connecting these two. Although the design of the first IMCO lighter wasn’t very comprehensive, it was something never seen before. The first production of the IMCO lighter was in 1918. Since the start of this new era for this company, there have been more than 70 IMCO lighter designs sold worldwide.


In the 20th century, the Australian firm IMCO became one of the leaders in this industry by only selling the IMCO lighter.


Imco lighter design

One of the most famous from this company is the IMCO lighter called “TRIPLEX Super”. This IMCO lighter came to existence around 1936. However there were a lot of modifications since then, mostly in the 50s. Today the TRIPLEX Super still has the same design which was developed in the 50s. What made this lighter one of the best in its time was the 100% reliability. There was absolutely no chance that the TRIPLEX Super would have enough fuel but not start.


Imco semi-luxury lighter

Later in the 60s, IMCO decided to move the company to Tribuswinkel which is close to Baden. To this date, most statistics imply that IMCO has sold more than half a billion lighters worldwide in its lifetime. The IMCO lighter offers nothing but quality. It is classified as a semi-luxury lighter, and meets all the ISO 9994 standards.


In 1988, the Haas family acquired IMCO. Over the time, the new owners became affiliated with MKE to further increase sales of the IMCO lighter.

One of the most symbolic products is the IMCO lighter named IFA lighter. This was one of the first products ever designed by this company, and it is said that it is actually old as the company is. The first big distribution of the IFA lighter was in 1920, with huge amounts being sold. This IMCO lighter has been improved upon since then, but apart from the case it lies in now, and a few design changes, this is still the same IMCO lighter.

 History of the imco lighter

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