Facts about butane

Butane is a gas complied from alkane and 4 carbon atoms. The definition of butane is a colorless, flammable, easily liquefied gas. Butane is one of the basic fuels used for lighters and butane torches. This gas is stable and can be liquefied which makes it the best option for gas powered lighters. Butane is used in every disposable lighter out there. Because the actual gas is cheap and the manufacturing of these lighters isn’t expensive as well these lighters are sold for a very low price. The butane is safe in the container of the lighters so it’s completely harmless.

 Facts about butane

Butane lighter price ?

The first idea for the butane lighter came from a company named Ronson. They were the first in the world to start manufacturing any kind of lighters. Those lighters, although an improved version of them, are still being sold as the butane lighters, the cheapest alternative for a lighter. They are also known as disposable lighters because once the lighter is empty; you can just buy a new one. That is how cheap they are.

 How butane ignites ?

Butane has proven worth for the task for its reliability and stability. When butane is being used by a lighter, it’s stored in a liquefied form in the container of the lighter. So when the flint is hit by a metal pin, at the same time a spark is produced and the container opens slightly so they both meet and produce a flame. And as long as the button is pressed a small flow of butane is released to maintain that flame. The mechanics of this process are very simple and the cost for making it all work is next to nothing.


But what makes butane really show how well it works is when used with butane torches. Those torches are mainly used in construction. However the butane is doing a great job keeping the desired flame at all times.

Butane is found useful in the kitchen

Butane is used a lot these days for cooking purposes as well. A lot of ovens are powered by butane instead of electricity because at the end it seems like a cheaper alternative. Among the other uses of the butane gas, one of the best uses was for heating. The costs were considerably lower than electricity or wood, and the heating quality was basically the same. The only problem with butane powered items was safety. While there’s no real risk with a lighter, some bigger amounts of butane released can be very harmful for one’s health, possibly even deadly.


Butane is a flammable gas, which would imply danger for everyone. However, with various tools and techniques the butane is very well controlled. If you are having doubts about using such a tool, as long as you follow the safety tips, the butane will not pose a threat.

 Facts about butane

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