Charcoal lighter fluid and Zippo lighters

A lot of lighters such as Zippo lighters use charcoal lighter fluid. This fluid is mainly used to start a fire easier in a barbecue grill or in a lighter. Some people stand by using gas filled lighters as being the best alternative for lighters. However others think that using lighters powered by charcoal lighter fluid is much better and gives the cigarette a better taste. It all comes down to the class of people using it because these days’ people rarely make a decision like this based on taste rather than presenting themselves in public in some light.


Qik Joe Charcoal Lighter Fluid 06FCCF3E 150x150 Charcoal lighter fluid and Zippo lighters

Charcoal lighter fluid composition

Charcoal lighter fluid is a mixture (a volatile one) of petroleum distillates. Their purpose is accelerating the ignition of charcoal. The use of Charcoal lighter fluid is found in Zippo lighters and barbecue grills. Except from fluid, this mixture can come in the forms of briquettes that are planted within the grill to start a fire easier. These briquettes keep the fire going long enough for the coal (or wood) to start burning again. However you should keep in mind that the usage of charcoal lighter fluid is rather controversial. If, by any change the charcoal lighter fluid is swallowed it would be very harmful or even fatal to the person. Also when using charcoal lighter fluid in barbecue grills the fluid or briquettes affect the taste of the food.

Alternative to charcoal lighter fluid

The most common alternative to charcoal lighter fluid is using a chimney starter. In some cases photochemical smog can be caused by petroleum-based charcoal lighter fluid. This can happen through the evaporation of the organic compounds it consists of. Because of this, some states have regulations for charcoal lighter fluid distribution. The standards are meant mainly for regulating the air pollution caused by this lighter fluid.

However, the use of charcoal lighter fluid is increasing every year. What some people would consider sustainable, such as using this fluid in lighters, in fact is a big factor when utilized in big quantities. Owning a Zippo lighter demonstrates that a person cares about his accessories, and in turn his appearance in the public. This is the profile of someone who’s confident in themselves and cares for what other people think. As everyone desires to present themselves in this light, they wouldn’t mind using charcoal lighter fluid to help them get there.

The pollution

Also having a meal cooked on a barbecue isn’t what it always was. These days’ people would trade the smell of burning wood and coal from their barbecue grill to save some time and effort. Using charcoal lighter fluid or briquettes all they need to do is simply place the briquette or splash the wood with charcoal lighter fluid and they would have running fire in no time. The consequence of this behavior is contributing to the long lasting pollution that’s threatening this planet.

Charcoal lighter fluid is used only in barbecue fire and Zippo (and Zippo-like) lighters. The usage of charcoal lighter fluid is widely spread and is increasing every day to make sure people demonstrate the high class they want to be.

 Charcoal lighter fluid and Zippo lighters

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